As a mathematics teacher, I'm not sure that I am completely comfortable with the idea of writing a blog. First of all, I'm not much of a writer. As a student, it was always a struggle for me to string together a series of cohesive thoughts, whether it was an essay for Social Studies or even a note to a lady of interest. Also, being a "numbers-guy", the longest thing I write these days is a 10-step geometric proof.

But after reading an article on the value of teachers writing blogs (http://www.milkeneducatorawards.org/connections/articles/view/5177), I have decided to give it a shot! After all, I have been teaching for (Gulp!) 21 years. I might be able to share some words of wisdom that someone, somewhere might find interesting.

I hope to write a post every two weeks. I hope you enjoy. Thank you.


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